The Golden Dome

2016 - Present

The Golden Dome School is an educational and curatorial platform dedicated to studying intersections of art, metaphysics, and ecology.

The Golden Dome School honors ideals of responsiveness, communal learning, and evolving artistic disciplines that foster community building, ecological awareness and non-hierarchy. The Golden Dome School was founded by artist and intuitive Eliza Swann in 2013, and has collaborated with over 200 artists, mystics, and scientists to produce exhibitions, performances, classes, publications, and artist residencies year round. Frías has acted as programmer, curator, educator, and artist with the Golden Dome. In 2018, they developed the "Tactical Magic" series in collaboration with both local and international mystics, offering pedagogical experiences focused on developed mystical tools to support creative, political, social, and relational practices. In addition to this, they have participated in The Resurrection of Care, The Golden Dome Artist Intensives, and other Golden Dome related programming and exhibitions.