Not Enough! LGBTQIA+ Music & Arts Festival Showcase Tulsa, 2019

Marking ten years since the birth of the original Not Enough! Queer Music & Arts Festival in Portland, Oregon, Frías and their partner, Thaddeus Pedisich, are setting the intention to bring this prolific community-oriented festival to Tulsa in 2020. Frías was one of the original founders of the festival, which existed between 2010 to 2015 and had over six iterations around the city of Portland, Oregon. It has since spread to Detroit, New Orleans, Oakland, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and other cities throughout the US and Canada.

As a way to inaugurate this intention, Frías and Pedisich hosted a showcase of LGBTQIA+ performers at the Cameron Studios in downtown Tulsa. Featuring “America’s Leather Band” Plack Blague from Lincoln (NE), electro sounds from Bustié from Los Angeles (CA), frenzied mutant synth punk from Frías and Pedisich’s project GayCay and intensely beautiful music from Tulsa-based musicians Astrophoria. The event occurEd on June 12, 2019 at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s Cameron Studios located at 303 N Main St. Tulsa, OK 74103.

In the ethos of the Festival’s do-it-yourself background, Frías and Pedisich also tabled at turnaround: A Tulsa Artist Fellowship Project, on June 7th and 8th. Providing visitors with information about the history of the festival along with their intentions to bring it to Tulsa in 2020. They also utilized this opportunity to flyer for the aforementioned showcase which happened a few days after the Turnaround project.

More information about the bands below:

Nebraska's elusive Leather Band, PLACK BLAGUE, has been on a rampant path of sex, destruction and electronic leather mayhem for nearly two decades.  Performing internationally from large theaters and dive bars, to art galleries, dingy basements, and even children's television shows, the leather-clad masked monstrosity continues to attract and confuse audiences varying from dance party club kids to heavy metal beer guzzlers.  PLACK BLAGUE's sound emits a vile combination of primitive Industrial noise, sadistic Body Music, and throbbing dance beat party vibes.  The live performance is a "must see" spectacle of homoerotic Leathersexual delusions of grandeur mixed with muscle flexing tantrums of harsh noise and electronic disco.

Plack Blague has been making headlines with feature articles in media outlets Revolver Magazine and Out Magazine, which premiered the music video for "Just Another Man of the Street" from the 2017 album "Night Trax" released by New York City label, Ormolycka Records.  Touring extensively across the United States and Canada, the band caught the attention of Adam Lee Miller from Detroit's ADULT., who began producing new music with the Blague and also included them as direct opening support for their full U.S. tour in the Fall of 2018. Since the Fall U.S. tour, Plack Blague has been coast to coast in 2019 plus a three week tour in Europe as direct support opening for Los Angeles hardcore rap/punk outfit, Ho99o9.

Press links:

"Plack Blague is part of a long legacy of queer artists on the fringe, staking a claim to heavy music with fight songs about fucking." -Revolver Magazine

"The entire project is as boldly sexual as your favorite pop starts, but packaged in a sonic dungeon, where sludgy synths and dense bass lines are incessant floggers to your evening escapism." -Out Magazine

Video links: -Just Another Man of the Street -The Touch -Boyz Club

IG: @plackblague

Bustié is an electro project formed by primary artist Pogo Pope. Heavily influenced by 80's Freestyle / Electro and UK Punk, Bustié craft a sound of socially conscious dance music that they coin as "Anarcho Body Music."

With lyrical content not limited, but focused on the struggles and needed rights of : the LGBQT+ , people of color, sex workers and those with non-conforming gender identities, Bustié are here to shed light and give hope to those in need.

IG: @Bustiemusic

GayCay is a Tulsa and Los Angeles-based duo made up of Edgar Fabián Frías and Thaddeus Pedisich. They make frenzied, electronic punk that calls for queer liberation through pounding kick drums and wiry synths.

IG: @gay.cay

Astrophoria is Eli Wright and Chris West.

Eli Wright is a graduate of the University of Tulsa's Music school. They are a musician writer, director, and teacher. She grew up in the Tulsa theater and poetry communities.

Chris West is a dancer, woodwind player, editor, writer, and teacher. He has been teaching and guiding his peers since he was able to speak.

Together the two create multi-media art presentations which serve to inform people, challenge viewpoints, and tell the stories of those who go unnoticed.





Funded through generous support from the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. For more information please visit

Photo documentation of the Showcase on June 12, 2019 courtesy of Destiny J Green and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship.

Video Documentation courtesy Kyle Bell and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Editing by
Edgar Fabián Frías.

Photo documentation of Turnaround Tulsa courtesy of Julianne Clark and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship.

This project was created with support by Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Created by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, Tulsa Artist Fellowship supports both local and national artists while enriching the Tulsa community.