Mirroring Resilience

Artist Intensive & Exhibition, 2018

The Mirroring Resilience Artist Intensive was comprised of five workshops co-facilitated by artists Jesse Fleming, Saewon Oh, Yunuen Rhi, Asher Hartman, Mariel Pastor and La Maida Institute's artist in residence and COLA grantee Edgar Fabián Frías. Featuring an interdisciplinary exploration of metaphysics, ancient traditions, transformative healing processes, and contemporary creative and pedagogical practices. Frías is a mental health therapist, contemporary artist, and educator and has many years experience community organizing, curating, teaching, and in supporting the creative and transformative process blossom in others. La Maida Institute integrates insights from ancient wisdom and traditions with modern science to empower people in uncovering their innate capacity to heal.

The Mirroring Resilience Artist Intensive Exhibition happened on September 22nd, 2018 at La Maida Institute in North Hollywood, California. Featuring individual and collaborative art projects developed by 24 creatives who attended the Mirroring Resilience Artist Intensive.

Participating artists include: Hannah Beadman, Lewis Wakeland, Jose Cordova Kwonyin, Marilyn Shippy Hernandez (Merilyn Hernandez), Laura Gill, Robin Finn, Amanda Ackerman, Nancy Wong, Jillian Mamey, Darlene Mellein Aida Lugo Emilía Diane Turner Sarah Julig Hannah Smith LaFrenz Melissa Wynne-Jones Hop Nguyen Christine Hipolito Jason Perez Elizabeth Vazquez Lisa Dring Diana-Sofia Estrada Holly M. Crawford Jennifer Prediger

This Artist Intensive and Exhibition was made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Documentation by artists Josh Vasquez, Kate Alexandrite, Thaddeus Pedisich and others named.