Labor Free Florj@s @ AIDS, 2016

Created as a site-specific installation project for the Angels Gate Cultural Center (AGCC) in San Pedro, CA. On May 1, 2016, Edgar Fabián Frías created a sacred Autonomous and Intentional Divine Sanctuary (AIDS) inside an old sweat lodge space belonging to the Tongva people near AGCC's galleries. AIDS created a temporary space that existed outside of capitalism, cisheteropatriarchal structures, and linear time and space. Within this space, Frías spoke with individuals about their fears, sorrows, triumphs, visions, and dreams within this type of space. In order to allow for confidentiality and privacy, no photos or documentation of individuals participating in the experience were allowed. The installation within AGCC's gallery walls is meant to act as a representational altar dedicated to AIDS and the site specific social practice experience.