Give US Goddess Womb, 2016

Give US Goddess Womb: Water Is Living Consciousness. Water is Resistance. (9 Spells For/With Water) Edgar Fabián Frías performed 9 spells for/with water overlooking the Pacific Ocean, standing on an old gun artillery turned amphitheater at Angel's Gate Cultural Center. This project was in collaboration with KCHUNG and was a part of the first Current:LA Biennial, focused on SACRED WATER.

  1. Goddess Water Womb Meditation

  2. Un Canto (Water Chant)

  3. Chaotic Mother : Gentle Abyss

  4. Platicas sobre el Agua

  5. Water Magick

  6. El Agua es Un Santo Hechizo

  7. How is Water Resistance?

  8. Global Water Magick

This project was a part of a series of live events at both Point Fermin and Angel's Gate Cultural Center.