Common Rhizomes, 2019


Common Rhizomes : Creative Healing Experiences for the Land and its Histories

A series of events organized by artist Edgar Fabián Frías in collaboration with The Golden Dome, an educational and curatorial platform dedicated to studying intersections of art, metaphysics, and ecology, with support from the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Frías will collaborate with six artists based in both Tulsa and Los Angeles to co-create experiences that will take place at various locations in Tulsa. These experiences will be pedagogical workshops, experiential ceremonies, performances, and more. The organizing elements behind the experiences in the structure and organizing abilities of rhizomatic plants as a response to the current social political, historical, cultural, and personal needs of Tulsa and our country as a whole. Made in collaboration with Tulsa-based artists Heyd Fontenot, Carrie Dickason, and Alyssa Budig, along with Los Angeles based artists, Saewon Oh, Kwonyin, and Estela Sanchez.

This project was created with support by Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Created by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, Tulsa Artist Fellowship supports both local and national artists while enriching the Tulsa community.