Memoria Sonora, 2018 with artist Alexia Miranda

Memoria Sonora, 2018 with artist Alexia Miranda

Ceremonies imbue meaning into life and demarcate space and time. They allow us to access the vast memory of millions of human beings who have entered into this sacred space both alone and together with others. Ceremonies allow us access to the potent liminal magic found in mysticism and in our collective intentions.

As a ceremony leader and facilitator, I have held this space for countless individuals and groups. I have supported the development of a vast array of ceremonial experiences, integrating my wide range of techniques, abilities, and approaches. I draw from my own indigenous wisdom, emergent shamanic practices, and from the processes I have gleaned in my years communing with a vast array of communities and traditions.

I am open to co-creating ceremonies and honoring what your own intuition is asking for. I am able to work with individuals both in person and at a distance. I can also help develop rituals for people to enact on their own. Past rituals I have supported have been:

  • Rites of Passage

  • Transition Ceremonies

  • Banishing / Cutting Cords

  • Spellwork

  • Trancework

  • Divination / Channeling

  • Ancestral communing and honoring

  • Meditation

  • Land Magic

  • Intention Setting

  • Healing

  • Plant Ceremonies