Not Enough! Queer Music & Arts Festival


Not Enough! Began in 2010 as an idea, as a conversation, and as a desire spoken out loud between myself and a few other queers in Portland, Oregon. These conversations helped birth a Chimeric and Collaborative Creative Movement!!!

At its essence, Not Enough! is a challenge to the queer communities to meet new people, engage in new creative projects, and re-define for themselves what contemporary creative queer cultures are all about. This challenge is for not only the attendees or performers, but for ourselves as organizers as well. 

The goals behind this festival stem from years of hearing queers in Portland ask for a stronger presence in the music/art/film/performance scenes that did not involve assimilating to heteronormative, capitalist, or hierarchical standards in their respective fields.

As a grassroots and collaborative organization, Not Enough! has sought to construct a festival that is created by, supported by, and made up of the people who come and experience the festival. Its core guidelines around collaboration, inclusion, support, innovation, and the valuing of the human presence at the festival, comprise the backbone to what is a project that adapts itself to reflect its surrounding communities.

Not Enough! embraces interdisciplinary and collaborative experimentation. No creative process is valued over another and process AND product are treated equally. All projects at Not Enough! are: 

  • Brand New-As Not Enough! is a challenge, we want people to create new things!

  • Collaborative-We want to challenge queer isolation through creative practices. 

  • Process-Based-We don't care what you've created, we want to hear your story and have you share it with others! 

  • Love-This is a safe place to feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged for your vision(s).

  • DIY + DIT-We are a doit yourself and do it together festival! We are here to support you and expect your support as well! 

Not Enough has now had six successful festivals in the Portland, Oregon area and has inspired countless side-events (Riot Grrrl Karaoke, Night of Possibilities, etc.) and projects. Hundreds of people have both participated and attended the festival from all around the world. 

Similar movements have sprung up in: Olympia, Detroit, New OrleansEdmonton &  Winnepeg, Canada, Oakland, & Los Angeles, California.

Please see some selected images from the festivals below and click here to access the full galleries.