Guidance & Divination


I am able to provide energy based guidance and divinatory support. I work with various guides and am versed in both indigenous and traditional scrying techniques as well as more contemporary and emergent forms of Spontaneous Divination.

I come from an ancient lineage of crystal gazers, cloud readers, and plant and animal communicators. I feel comfortable traversing through different states of consciousness and can provide information accessed from these states.

I have an extensive geomancy practice, communing with obsidian, quartz, calcite, and fluorite.

One of my specialties is helping creatives explore, process, and integrate visions and messages received.

I offer:

  • Guidance and Interpersonal Support

  • Obsidian Scrying

  • Spontaneous Divination Services

  • Pedagogical and Experiential Divination Support for both Individuals and Groups

  • Workshops for Creatives who are interested in Divination

  • Guidance Integrating Divination Practices Into Your Art Practice